Engage and Integrate Residents

What else can be done In a City such as Santa Ana, with limited open spaces? LHA has been inviting all sectors to develop and participate in a win-win proposition: The Wellness Corridor, a project to comprise streets, sidewalks, walls, fences, windows and any other unconventional available space in a selected geographic area where health messages, healthy choices and active living opportunities abound in a safe and peaceful environment. Already, hundreds of women, the majority with strollers, and small children, walk the corridor through their neighborhood and downtown Santa Ana everyday to exercise at LHA’s new facility. Plans for initial phase of the Wellness Corridor between LHA’s facility and LHA’s park are underway. Community, public and private sectors are getting increasingly engaged.

The Wellness Corridor project area is situated in downtown Santa Ana, and includes the city’s civic center, the pedestrian-oriented downtown retail business district, a high-density residential neighborhood and an industrial zone.  Specifically, the corridor covers the area bounded by Ross Street to the west and Garfield Street approximately one mile to the east, and includes the areas to the north and south of the corridor along 3rd and 4th Streets.  The Wellness Corridor proposes to include a safe walking and biking circuit route of approximately two miles in length using the public sidewalks and streets (for a parallel walking and bike route) along 3rd and 4th Streets, with interval stops for access to bathrooms, water and the Latino Health Access Park and Community Center at the mid-point of this circuit route.

The Wellness Corridor project will engage and integrate residents and the local business community helping them build neighborly relationships.  By the end of Phase One implementation, local businesses would be engaged and participating as a healthier Santa Ana partner.  A Santa Ana business partner is one that is participating in the conceptualization and/or implementation of the wellness corridor by providing services and/or information to pedestrians, offering ideas and resources, creating a healthier workplace or providing support and/or leadership to change policies/ordinances/regulations for a healthier Santa Ana.

Latino Health Access engages and empowers the community, forges partnerships and advocates to achieve health equity for all. Health care is a human right.