Narrative Practices in Mental Health and Emotional Wellness – 3 Day Training



What is the Purpose?
The Narrative Practices training is designed to promote an understanding of the fundamental principles of narrative practices and how they contribute to the search for better emotional and mental health.
What Will We Learn?

Based on the view that life is filled with many stories and narratives, this training will deepen specific strategies of narrative practices that support individual and group work in contexts of mental and emotional health in creative and inspiring ways.  Particular attention is given to strengthening the participant’s skills in the following areas:

  • Viewing the problem as the problem, not the person.
  • How to identify traces that indicate a new story and options.
  • Listening with attention and without offering advice.
  • Past strategies that have helped the person avoid being consumed by a problem.
  • Offering richer and more significant descriptions based on the strengths and things valued by the person with the problem.
  • Helping people move from the framing their experiences in terms of pain and suffering to a new way of viewing their history and possibilities.
Who Should Attend?

Social Workers, Community Workers, Promotores, Peer Counselors, and others outside of the field of psychology.

What is the cost?

$2,625 per participant includes breakfast and lunch all three days, and training materials.

When is the Training Offered?
  • October 14, 15 & 16, 2015
Where will the Training take place?

Latino Health Access

450 W. 4th St. Ste. 130

Santa Ana, CA 92701