Promotores are neighbors, moms, dads, children, youth and members of our communities who believe in helping and including others to be part of the solution to create healthier places for all. Our promotores are as young as 6 and as old as 76. They are Latino Health Access employees or volunteers with a special gift of creating enduring relationships with neighbors and participants in the many activities we offer. They gain the trust of the community and engage residents to create a synergy that comes with inclusion and participation.

Stationed in laundromats, churches, supermarkets, parking lots, apartments, streets, bus stops, living rooms, patios, schools and other places, they offer information about nutrition, diabetes, mental health, how to access doctors, the need for parks, safe communities and civic engagement. They draw out residents who might not otherwise reach out for help. Our promotores conceive unique and creative strategies to talk to our community about issues important to their health.

Promotores do not “target” the community. They join with neighbors to create relationships built on trust. As a result, our participants do more than learn about managing their diabetes or receiving a mammogram. As the relationship matures, they partner with us to make Orange County a healthier place.

Our programs, implemented by promotores and a team of health and human service providers, include:

• Diabetes Self Management
• Breast Health
• Healthy Weight
• Senior Door-to-Door outreach
• Health Policy Advocacy
• Mental Health
• Children and Youth Leadership

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