HEALTHY WEIGHT (Peso Saludable)

Achieving Normal Weight

Healthy Weight (Peso Saludable) is a one-year program designed to assist children and their families in achieving normal weight. It focuses on very practical solutions to overcoming critical barriers to maintaining or achieving normal weight in children. The program is specifically designed for Latino children and their parents. It is taught in Spanish to the parents and bilingually to the children.The program includes eight weeks of intervention, one year of maintenance and our promotores (community health workers) conducting home visits to provide more personalized coaching.

Obesity has become an epidemic in the past twenty years and is associated with being a predisposing factor or cause of cardiovascular, endocrine (diabetes type II), psycho-social disorders, and even cancer.

Our goal is to prevent, deter and combat obesity before the disease manifests itself. Our program involved our parents, schools and the city itself, because obesity has multiple causal factors.

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Francisca Leal, Program Coordinator


2009 PBS | Bill Moyers Journal – Community Health Crusade

2008 Gold Medalist Award – Governer’s Council On Physical Fitness & Sports

2007 PBS | Health Campaign – FAT: What No One Else Is Telling You

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