Taking Advocacy to a Higher Level

Underserved residents have limited civic engagement tools to voice the need for active open space.  Currently, decisions and actions affecting the lives of underserved Santa Ana residents in the areas of planning, development and the allocation of public funds reflect little if any input from these residents.  Residents in the central Santa Ana area lack the knowledge, skills and power to influence policies that could improve their lives.

Informing and engaging the majority of families in the area is difficult because they work multiple jobs and many speak only Spanish.  They are not familiar with the local government political process.  However, there is a sector of the community (adults and youth) that have been engaged with different community projects in LHA and who are now ready to offer leadership to other residents in taking their advocacy to a higher level.

Latino Health Access engages and empowers the community, forges partnerships and advocates to achieve health equity for all. Health care is a human right.