Recruiting the Heart, Training the Brain

America Bracho, MD, MPH; Ginger Lee, MPH;
Gloria P. Giraldo, MPH; Rosa Maria De Prado,
MFT | May 1st, 2016

Recruiting the Heart, Training the Brain tells the story of how Latino Health Access developed its groundbreaking promotor model of peer-to-peer outreach and education in Santa Ana, California. Facing problems such as obesity and diabetes, exacerbated by poverty and discrimination, their strategies, advice, and accomplishments will spark hope and change across an increasingly unhealthy America.

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“We cannot fight diseases without fighting the conditions that create, foster, and perpetuate them.”

Recruiting the Heart, Training the Brain gives voice to the Latino experience in Santa Ana, California, and describes how solving today’s major health problems requires more than just medicine — success depends upon being anchored in the community, nurturing confidence and unlearning apathy.

The story of Latino Health Access shows how a committed group of activists can build a dynamic force for health in their community. Recruiting the Heart will inspire readers to embrace their cultural roots, use evidence-based strategies to improve social determinants of health, and tap into the strengths and resources of their communities. It offers clear and practical strategies for recruiting, training, and engaging community members as promotores to build a healthier, brighter future.

Use Recruiting the Heart to organize in your community, evaluate needs, generate programs, build coalitions, and keep your founding principles alive. With sage advice on how to raise money and survive in hard times, this guide is a practical resource for health organizing.

Heralded as an organization of “moxie and masa” by the LA Times and featured in the highly-acclaimed HBO documentary series, “The Weight of the Nation,” Latino Health Access is at the forefront of improving health by addressing the entirety of people’s experiences compassionately and comprehensively — use Recruiting the Heart to improve the health of your community!

At a moment when ‘community engagement’  has become a buzzword, this book offers a vision of health in which the community is not an add-on or after thought but the very heart of care.

Required reading.

Luz Vega-Marquis

President and CEO, Marguerite Casey Foundation

When you purchase directly from our website, all proceeds are reinvested in the communities we serve.

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