LHA’s Parque Familias Corazones Verdes is one of the few safe places in the area where people of all ages gather. On any given day, while children play in the park’s playground or play soccer in the open area, their mothers can be found either looking after their children or inside the community center making crafts that they hope to sell and generate some extra income for their families.

Because of what this park means to the community, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo in hopes of raising $85,000 for the park by December 23. The money would go to keeping this safe space thriving.

Parque Familias Corazones Verdes has been a beacon of hope since its inauguration in June 1 2013. Through the efforts of parents in the area and LHA, the park became a reality and replaced a trash-filled dirt lot with a safe space complete with a playground, community garden, and classes for youth and adults.

Since the park isn’t owned or operated by a city, we have partnered with community residents to make it a beautiful place. Dedicated volunteers and our staff members from Latino Health Access are the ones at the park making lunches, hosting story time with children, and locking and opening the doors.

Yet, with all the support from the park’s volunteers and LHA, we need help from the public to keep it a blossoming. Please read more about the campaign at our Indiegogo page. 

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